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About us
Our goal is to improve your physical and mental state

At OKSYGEN Medical Center we use oxygen as the main therapeutic element.

In addition, we provide you with physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery sessions, guided medical visits, aesthetic treatments, body rejuvenation, health and well-being advice, and tests with blood extraction.

Come to our center without any obligation and you will see everything we can do for you.

Our team is made up of professionals of great prestige and experience:

Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and rehabilitators… at your service.

No medication, no invasive procedures, no pain or side effects

we are what we breathe

Specialized chambers
Satisfied patients
Professionals at your service
Mission, Vision and Commitment

We guarantee the safety of the user and his family, respecting ethical principles, with a high medical, scientific, technological level and with a suitable and competent human team.

We contribute to improving the standard of living of the community, providing the user with therapeutic alternatives based on medical evidence, with high quality standards.

The following are the values that guide our management:





Service vocation


Treat and treatment