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Beauty and wellness

What is oxygen therapy in beauty?

HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY has a first-order indication in aesthetic medicine because it repairs damaged tissues due to lack of oxygen. The result is tissue revitalization, better cell regeneration with a greater presence of fibroblasts and collagen fibers, and an increase in new blood vessels. Enhance your beauty from within your own body.

How can oxygen improve the body?

The skin is toned and sagging and wrinkles are reduced due to the increase in collagen, nutrients and amino acids. It also improves the quality and strength of nails and hair.

It helps to delay aging, reducing the amount of free radicals due to its antioxidant and angiogenesis effect, and for its self-repair and defense improvement capacity.

Revitalizes the body of the elderly and those with chronic fatigue, insomnia or weakened by chronic or aggressive treatments (chemotherapy, anti-inflammatories, etc.)

Improves physical, psychological and mental performance, reducing stress. Ideal for executives and managers.

Improves sexual performance

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